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Before starting communication and  meet swedish singles  , it is worth finding out something about them. Especially about girls. Swedes can not tolerate makeup, which can be noticed on the skin. This list also includes overhead and grown eyelashes, nails and hair. Therefore, they prefer minimal makeup. The tonal aid perfectly matches the skin tint, the shadows cannot be darker by more than three tones from the natural tint. All brilliant and colored can be found only in the youngest Scandinavians, who are still at the stage of experiments.

Swedes completely lack fear of age changes - this is their upbringing. Like many foreigners, Swedes are sure that at every stage of life there are their joys, and wrinkles cannot spoil beauty at all.

Moreover, beauticians believe that the wrinkles of Scandinavians and other girls are different. Swedes have prints from the facial expressions of happiness, but others, unfortunately, from sadness, anxiety and excitement.

Swedes do not like peels and scrubs, believing that in this way the skin loses its protection in the form of subcutaneous lard. That is why they try to remove the hornbeam particles only by steaming. Most often, they keep their face over the sink with a jet of hot water, after which they apply the famous Swedish homemade mask: egg yolk and honey. She gives Scandinavians cherished skin elasticity. If you want to repeat, then remember - the mask is suitable only for those girls who do not have capillaries on their faces. And honey is quite a strong allergen.

No, it will not be about wine, but about the healing power of the simplest drinks - water, herbal tea and lemonade. By the way, Swedes make lemonades themselves: they pour sliced fruits with water without sugar.

Due to climatic conditions, Swedes struggle with dry skin, drinking a large amount of liquid per day. Therefore, they can often be seen with beautiful bottles in summer and with small thermos in winter.